Make it in Life! Be Remembered

Passion + Excellence – Pride = Legacy

That’s my formula for being remembered on earth.

I just follow my passion, apply excellent skills and remove pride.

Pride precedes a fall. Pride automatically grows when you achieve results in life. So it’s my daily responsibility to detect and remove it.

Humility is a character trait that grows over time. That’s why God allows us to go through situations that make us humble. This happens when we become too full of ourselves and only think we have made it in life more than others.

Quality Skills are very key in life. There are two categories of skills: Life skills are those that relate to your psychosocial development including communication, interpersonal relations and decision making. Vocational Skills are hands-on, work-related, income generating skills that you learn and should develop; for instance, design, art, music, camera work, tailoring, wood work, computer programming, recording, modeling, makeup, voiceovers, repairs and so many more.

So, to live life at full is to follow your passion, analyze and assess your interests, develop skills around your passion, be excellent at what you do, enjoy what you are doing, and finally be humble.

Then, You Have Made It In Life!

#WorthySG #MadeIt #OBBP


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