Top 5 Reasons why your PHONE is slow!

It’s sometimes irritating to use a mobile/smartphone that takes a few seconds to respond to your commands or requests. Your phone might have been performing well but just gradually slows down performance. There are so many reasons why your phone is slowing down but I will give you the top five (5) reasons irrespective of the operating system software, type, make or model:


    Your phone may have too many applications running in the background. This is so because, we often forget to close apps that we are not using. Going back to the menu and opening a different application from the one you are currently using does not close the current app but just minimizes it to give room for the app you have just opened. Background apps are stored in RAM (Random Access Memory), which is a temporary storage for your phone. If your RAM starts getting full, your phone’s overall performance deteriorates.

    To solve this, close all apps or restart your phone. For a more permanent solution, you need to get used to intentionally closing apps that you are not using rather than just getting away from them by going to the Home button.

  2. PAID ADs

    If your phone slows down when you connect it to the internet, then this might be one of the reasons. We are usually fond of downloading apps from icloud, playstore, or windows store without checking the conditions given by app developers. Some mobile phone apps come with pay-per-click ads. Pay-per-click is an advertising service through which the advertiser pays the publishers of their adverts when you click on it. There is also Pay-per-view which pays the publisher when you view the advert. If you have seen adverts popping up even if you have not opened them on your phone, then they are also eating up your RAM; which eventually stalls the performance of your phone.

    To solve this, remove all unknown apps and all recent apps that you may suspect to have come with pay-per-click or pay-per-view ads. Switch off your phone. Remove the battery and keep it for 3 minutes. Switch it back on. Try connecting to the internet.


    Your phone might have a custom ROM. This is simply a modified operating system software for your phone which is usually unofficial and is not made by the phone manufacturer. There are so many software and mobile application developers nowadays who are always trying hard to make things work for mobile phone users. Custom ROMs are designed and modified to fit in a phone even if the manufacturer has not approved due to hardware specifications or requirements. Because of this, many phones are forced to run a software that they were not designed to; obviously you should expect its performance to be below average.

    To solve this, you need check if your phone has legitimate firmware from the manufacturer. You can find this information under Settings then go to About device or phone, depending on the phone type, model and make. If it says it’s using a custom ROM, you need to find a qualified phone technician to replace it with the firmware from the manufacturer.


    Some mobile phones have a usable memory of 2GB or less. If that’s the case, you are prone to experience minimal performance especially if that storage is almost or completely full. Phones usually make use of storage space as RAM when processing commands and requests or running apps.

    To solve this, free up some space or insert a bigger memory card. You could also remove apps that you don’t need to create more space.


    WhatsApp has a folder on your local phone storage where it stores images, videos, documents, voice notes and music. Sometimes your WhatsApp automatically downloads videos, images and music to your phone without you knowing. Especially those from groups and broadcast lists.

    To solve this, check whether WhatsApp is set to download media automatically. If that’s what you want, then you need to check your WhatsApp videos and images folders frequently and erase unnecessary media files. They may be filling up your storage space.

Remember that phones differ and you may experience different performance breakdowns once in your lifetime. These are not all the reasons why. Leave your comments for further advice and technical assistance.


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