Each and every day I sit down to think of what I will do, that I didn’t do yesterday. This sometimes ranges from new thoughts to actions, knowledge, wisdom, behavior, attitudes, care, and any other dimension of my life. What will you be today that you have never been before? What will you do today that you have never done before? You have hidden GOLD in you! Like the miners go down the ground every day digging for gold, you have to go for the gold hidden in you every day.

Here is a list of things you will need to do in order to discover and dig out the gold in you:


    Avoid falling in the trap of tomorrow. Many people are so much in tomorrow that they end up missing the joy and pleasure of today. Try as much as possible every morning to take time to think about today. Think of how many people you will meet, the value they will add to you and how their purpose aligns with yours. Evaluate your actions of yesterday and see where you can improve today. Enjoy today and live in it as if it’s the last. Enjoy life TODAY. It’s good to think about tomorrow or the future but remember that today’s actions, beliefs, behaviors, relationships and thoughts can easily ruin “tomorrow”.


    When people are stranded and are looking for solutions, they tend to look elsewhere for answers. Half the time, the solution is right under the nose. Have you realized that you can’t see what’s at the tip of your nose? In the same way, we are often loaded with skills, gifts, talents, knowledge, wisdom and solutions but we can’t see them. Many young people today are looking for jobs but ignore the talents that could earn them a fortune. I don’t know what you are going through right now, or what your challenges are, but I want you to know that the answer is in your hands. Assess yourself. Search for gifts and talents hidden within you. Go ahead and appreciate what God has invested in you. If you cannot find a job, try creating one. Maybe you were meant to be an entrepreneur and create jobs for others.


    Fish will not survive away from water. Birds enjoy the skies. Monkeys show value in forests. Snakes are clever on grass. You were designed for a specific environment. Not all of us can be writers, medical doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, politicians or pastors. You were made to survive in a specific environment. That is why some people shine in soccer, others in politics, others in medical institutions, others in social environments. If you have to see the gold in you shine, please stay in your environment and stick to your lane. Take time to discover which environment excites you and make you prosper. In terms of careers, people tend to go for a career that will pay them well instead of a career that will make them fulfilled. Have you ever met a school teacher who is always out of class? I met a lot of them in my study. The classroom doesn’t satisfy them, even if they are teachers. The same applies to nurses who are always aggressive on patients, but that’s a wrong thing to do. Choose a career or job that you will enjoy and won’t even feel ashamed or feel that you are being dragged.


    If chickens hang out with eagles, eagles would think it is wrong to fly high. The people you interact with can make or break you. One of the foods for your mind is conversations. Who do you converse with? What are their beliefs, behaviors and values? Do they have the same vision as you? How much do you learn from them? Do they encourage and inspire you to attempt great things or do they discourage you? Can they walk with you towards your goals, regardless of the path? How many of them will sacrifice what they have just for the sake of helping to achieve your goals? This is very important for you to think about. Your interactions have an impact on your outcomes. Remember that every great person who have ever lived, had relevant people around them. The day you allow irrelevant or wrong people around you, that’s when diversion comes in. You will lose track. The course of life can easily change because of the people you are hanging around with.

In short, you need to live each day like it’s the last, discover the best of you, place yourself in the right environment and interact with people that inspire you to be great.


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